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Murrican Car Quality FTW!

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And here you were complaining about faulty control arms...


(In case any of you are still interested, this puppy starts at $730,000 before options)
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What? You've never heard of a Quick-Change rear end? :lol:
Must be an updated immobilizer version. :icon_eek:
Whoa......gotta work on that slight issue.
I think they need to discover something that prevents those brakes from locking up like that...say, maybe we can call them anti-lock brakes! ;)
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Needs better rear control arms. :p
Needs better rear control arms. :p

Hey now, you asked for a "live axle" and a live axle is what you received...

Now you see, there seems to be a problem there....
Boy, hope they don't get a contract after that.....seriously though. That is an insane amount of stress.
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