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The battery in my car went dead and I had to replace it.

I've had the car a few months and it had run fine previously and I had no fault lights on the dash at all.

I had not yet driven the car after replacing the battery and was sitting in it and hit the park brake button (I had not tried to use the park brake since I had bought the car). I could hear the brake motors engage and set the brake. When I hit the button again to take the brake off, the Parking Brake Fault error showed up in the drivers center along with the corresponding light.

When I put the car in gear and moved forward (which it did just fine. I could hear the brake motor run a second time after hitting the button to disengage) addition lights came on, the yellow steering light, the ABS light, the ESP light and finally the air bag light.

The car runs and drives fine.

I found the thread below and the original post sounds kind of like what I'm having and a couple of the responses as talk about having additional lights on like I'm having.

So if the fix mentioned in the above post is correct, driving the car so that the ECU relearns, my question is how much does the car have to be driven. I took it out this afternoon after reading the above post and ran it around 40 miles. The lights still come back on and the errors show up when the car is restarted. Is this the actual issue with the car or do I have something else going on that requires it going in for service. Prior to replacing the battery there were no issues what so ever. The car ran fine and no fault lights.

This is my first Volkswagen in 20 years. I had some Golfs and Jettas in the mid 90's but this Passat is considerable different from them.

Thanks for any input
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