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So after having these things in my possession for weeks now, and admiring that they are an actual Made in Spain product waiting to go on once my control arm and bolt kit come in I realize something;

They don't have a vertical bolt hole, just a solid shaft with bolt notch for the pinch bolt. I know my FWD Golf had tie rod ends down low and only had one bolt I believe, is this gonna be okay to use? Do any other TREs not have that second bolt? I know it's not a high torque application, but am I chancing anything?

The tie rod end WILL NOT come out with the pinch bolt in, I can gaurantee that, and it's actually cut out smaller than the stock one was to not allow any movement even with the bolt just in there for a test fit.

They also have a grease pressure fitting like some old school balljoint and other types of suspension bits, which i was honestly kind of a fan of with all the road grime here I can give them a shot of heavy lube and hopefully keep the ball and socket clean.

Thanks all, i'm praying the post man drops me off something today or it's another weekend of staring at my wagon on jack stands in the garage :/
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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