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Monster Mat Repair

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I love Monster Mats for winter use. They really are a great product. One problem though is the rubber is soft and wears away. I've got a set with several winter seasons use on them. Three of them look great while the drivers mat is worn clean through. I'd hate to buy an entire set when I only really need the one. The following is my attempt to repair the worn mat.

I picked up some rubber/vinyl floor mat material at Home Depot. They sell it by the foot. I cut out a section to fit over the worn portion of the Monster Mat.

I used Goop Glue to adhere the patch to the mat.

While the glue is drying, I've got it propped so it'll be bent somewhat like it needs to be when it's in the car.

It's sat for one day so far. I'm going to give it another day dry-time before I try it in the car.
I'll report back if it works or not.
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Looks like a clean patch job though. :thumbup:

I hope it holds up for you.
Steve that looks great :thumbup:

I just recently aqcuired a set of Monster Mats to replace some Schwaben mats that I had before. Love the Monster Mats, and thankful that they're barefoot friendly too (the ridges are below the heel pivot.) I hate the fact that it wears through... but I guess it's understandable that it occurs. Hope it holds up for you too!
Maybe glue a piece to the back like a sandwich?
Great repair. Please report back if the glue is not able to hold the two together. I have had a very hard time over the years trying to find glue that will work with the various kinds of plastic and rubber stuff (and the one I have resorted to is RTV).

The wear mark looks a little different than I am used to on my 5MT. Do you drive an auto?

In my case the location of the hole is closer to where it's a little more flat, so attach a piece of vinyl flooring tile underneath (like ONE8T is suggesting). Not perfect by any means.
The weather here turned winter so I switched to driving the truck mostly. For the few times I drive the Passat, I keep forgetting to bring the repaired mat with me. It's still sitting indoors nice and dry and warm. :crazy::rolleyes::banghead:

I'll remember one of these days. :homer:

Mine is also the 5 speed manual trans.
Maybe glue a piece to the back like a sandwich?
I think this might be a good idea too. Extra thickness at the pressure point.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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