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Hey all,

I am installing my Terk XM receiver in my 03 Passat with a Double-DIN Monsoon setup. Anyway, I was at the part where I pull the head unit to plug in the Enfig...I've got my "special" keys....and.....nothing.

After pulling the switches on the side, I can see that the keys aren't moving that security tab in like they are supposed to. Already knowing this means a trip to the dealer, I say what the h*** and get my best pair of needlenose on those tabs, trying to rip them off the HU through the holes. No luck. In my defense, it was Labor Day weekend, everyone was closed, and I had a cold and wasn't thinking clearly...

I just got back from the dealership, and $150 later I got everything plugged in, but those security tabs were a total loss. VW didn't seem to think that I could order just those tabs through Parts. Anyone know where I can buy a pair? The HU pretty much stays put but it is loose and it sticks out just a hair. Thanks.

BTW, the install is great, I'll start a separate thread to show everyone..I put the Terk XM control unit in my ashtray, I was trying to go for a hidden, factory look.

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