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Monsoon Buttons not Functional

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Happy Thursday.

I have a 2002 Wagon with the Monsoon audio system (Double DIN head unit). It has 115k miles and is a recent acquisition. I have been dealing with getting the regular maintenance items up to par and now working on less critical items.

I have read a few threads on the audio system and believe I probably need to forget repairing it and replace it; this is a last ditch effort for second opinions before doing that.

The head unit will power up.
It is in FM mode and reads the lowest FM frequency (and there is no FM station on that frequency).
The volume knob works and when I hit "min" I get the chirp tune through the speakers.
No other buttons function.

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I have tried a fuse 37 reset. No change. But it also didn't ask for the code. Should I try that again? Am I pulling the correct fuse?

Any other thoughts?

Should I just call it a day and replace with a modern aftermarket unit? A replacement Monsoon from the dealer is 1/3 of what I have in the car, and I don't know that a used head unit is a good idea.

Thanks for any additional advice you have.
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Replace it with a double din, you can find a cheap installation kit on Ebay.
Did you say if the CD or tape worked?

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I have a single-DIN Monsoon radio you can have for the cost of postage (probably about $11 to Orange County).
I believe it's a take-out, but I can't guarantee it works, though (I don't have a car to test it in anymore).
It's labeled Premium 5, 1J0 035 180 B, date 20/02.
Send me a PM if you'd like it. You'll need the radio removal tools, of course.
If not interested in FrescoGreen’s offer for a single DIN, I have a double DIN, same cost. I have the code, but, like Fresco, I don’t know for certain how it sounds. I bought it as part of a package deal from another PWer; I was interested in the CD changer being sold with it.
Thanks everyone. @FrescoGreen01.5, thanks for the offer but I want to stay with a double DIN. twowagens, I may take you up on your offer. @Mizark03, I have been afraid to put a tape or CD in since the buttons might not eject it, but I guess I have little to lose with a CD-R. Good idea to try.

I will update everyone this weekend.
What's the difference between the single and double DIN?
What's the difference between the single and double DIN?
Aside from the physical size (height) of the unit?

Single-DIN: non-CAN radio. Has discrete 'ignition power' input. Steering wheel control (if equipped) is via single serial wire connection, directly from steering wheel control unit.
Double-DIN: Can bus radio. 'Key on' signal, and steering wheel inputs, are via CAN.

Plug connections are quite different between the two.

All cars thru 2001 MY are single-DIN; all 2003 and on are double-DIN. Changeover was some time in MY 2002 - my July '01 production car (which VW called a 2002) is single-DIN; I don't know when after that date the change was made.
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Thanks cuppie for the details, that was helpful.

For clarity, I do have the double DIN head unit, but I don't have controls on my steering wheel. Thanks for all the replies.

I have not tried the CD player yet but I found a cassette to mini plug adapter. Inserting it does change the mode from FM to TAPE but no audio. The eject button is functional, however the A/B switch is not.

I also tried a Bluetooth/FM module. When initiating pairing mode it should emit a "beep" but you don't hear it through the radio which is "stuck" on 88.3 which is where I tuned the transmitter module.

I will burn a CD-R this weekend as a last ditch and then likely move on with twowagens offer. I would like to stay stock if possible.
Truly sounds like its finished..

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Inserting a CD switches modes (just like a cassette did). The CD is loading and does play (see image), but no audio. The eject button does function. Volume knob indicates it is functional but no change to audio except chirp when MIN is reached.

I will try a head unit swap.

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No body has told you about the remote anp and CD changer in the back. Before you rip out the existing unit have the amp/cd changer checked. In the B5.5 Wagon (which is what I have) the amp is located behind a panel in front of the left tail light. Check the connections. I'm not sure if a can bus reader will read radio faults but I would guess it will.
Thanks OlyRancher. If I can hear the MIN volume beep, could the amp be inoperative? Is the AMP on a separate fuse? I did see that when I pulled the panel to work on the tail lights.
Thanks cuppie for the explanation. I have an extra Double-DIN laying around if you need one Sam. It's the stock one and it was in the back of the car when we bought it. Never tested it though. Personally, I'd take your situation as an opportunity to put a better head unit in if you don't want to keep it stock.
Newli327, I have an extra Double-DIN now from twowagens. The amp is drawing power so that seems to be OK.

Swapping out the headunits either tonight or tomorrow morning. I will report back.
The headunit from twowagens solved my problem. Thanks for all the replies.

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