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MORE ADDED+Monsoon Amp, Gear sel,Airbag,alternator, wood grain, Various Passat B5/5.5

Hi all,

Check last post for added stuff

I have a bunch of parts that have become spares since getting my passat up to shape - still not there as yet though.
Over the couple months parts have been swapped out, extra parts have been purchased and to make way for more, I'd like to sell what I have already.

First off I have stock grey ashtray and black tiptronic gear stick $15 a piece plus pnp.
I replaced mine with the wood grain stuff, which I am actually willing to sell (and downgrade) if someone really wants them.

Airbag from Passat B5 - I believe it is identical to B5.5 one on mine - $50 plus pnp

Rear Right window motor/regulator - Bought with mechanism to fix my window, didn't need the motor - $40 plus pnp

Alternator for 1.8T AWM from a beetle with COASTING PULLEY! - Planned to replace mine if I have time but up for sale if anyone wants - $80 plus pnp
The coasting pulley allows the alternator to drop rpm down by itself instead of slowing down with engine speed, more efficient.

Heated seat buttons - little faded $20 for the pair, $15 each + pnp also have Hazard/Flasher and Trac control switches

Monsoon Amp - Purchased on ebay for $80 when figuring out sound system upgrades, I instead fitted a 2 channel amp and subwoofer - Looking to get back at least $50 plus pnp

Drivers door (left) door latch/lock from my car. I was having the problem where the latch would stick and a tap on the door would release it, swapped it out with another and having the same problem, maybe needs greasing - otherwise works fine - $15 plus pnp

Prices are mostly a cut under what I paid from various ebay buyers/Junk yards/fellow VW owners as I'm getting used to the value of things.
But welcome to offers/negotiation as I just want to help fund more parts :)

Feel free to ask for more information or pictures

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