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Mitsu EVO VIII limited

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Mitsubishi is releasing limited edition of
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII MR FQ-400
for U.K.
100 pieces
Power 368 HP
0-62 = 3,5 sec

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Pretty mean, don't love the black wheels though. I can sort of forgive that car's ricy looks for its absurd performance. :thumbup:

405 bhp and 355 lbf.ft
0-62 mph in 3.5 seconds
175-plus mph top speed
Best thing is how English journalists pronouncing FQ= Quick
Asking price in US=$60,122.64
I guess there's some appeal to these limited run versions that both Subaru and Mitsubishi are so fond of producing, but really I think it's just to score a few more headlines during the model run. For the money, you can do so much better in the aftermarket.
A coworker just picked up an Evo MR edition and I'll tell you that thing can reach some scarey speeds awful quick!! But is the huge wing, black wheels, fancy seats, six speed gearbox and aluminum roof really worth another $5k over the Evo VIII version?

Especially when you can get the Evo RS version for $2k LESS than Evo VII (thats $7k less than MR edition) and it does have the al roof and no wing.

I much prefer when manufacturers offer stripped down versions of their cars (like Carrera RS America) at lower prices, than the pre-pimped out versions for outrageous prices (911 GT3)
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yeah, but you can't buy aftermarket aluminum roofs! i hear those are all the rage now these days. easily worth $20k
Yea, right.. So wonderful that the MR is 20lbs heavier than the regular EVO, and the RS is only about 65lbs lighter (after deleting several other useless components, like power windows, fog lights, center console, a stereo, ABS, keyless entry, etc). Yay for aluminum roofs.
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