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Hi at all, after long coding error I lost my confort module configuration.
My passat b7 variat confort line have all halogen lamp in the front side.
I missing european configuration.
I try with vcds to remap the module but my work is not finish.
After many hours of test have some problem :
- drl lamp not working (before the wrong coding drl lamp is on if switch lamp is on auto position)
- rear side the position light do not do much light

Please help me



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It may be too late for you, but the first thing you have to do before attempting to make ANY changes with the VCDS, is to take a complete read of all modules etc and save the file that you get.
That lets you revert back any changes you've made.
After you've made one or two changes you really have no idea what the original values were.

Is your car a gasoline or Diesel powered vehicle?

If a Diesel then possibly someone at the Freds TDI club can help.
There are some very knowledgeable people there.
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