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Misses on #3 at lower rpm above 2,200 is just fine

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I have a 2000 passat with a 1.8T. It misses terribly at lower rpms. But runs great at above 2,200 rpm. I pulled the coil and plug wire off #3 and no difference, its like you didn't even remove it. You can hold the wire just a few cm off of plug top and hear the spark inside. I also pulled the plug and attached the wire boot and grounded it while running it sparks consistantly. All new plugs, I have even tried the old plugs also. So the spark is there but it definitely is missing on #3. The codes say the same "misfire on #3. Once out on the road its real sluggish and misses on start out but once it hits 2,200 rpm everything smooths out and it doesn't miss a lick. Can this be the injector? How do you tell if the injector is bad? Any help would be appreciated. Dave
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^agreed mine did the same thing when my coils started to go
Replace the one coil now while you can still drive it without much damage. I had one that started to go a couple years ago and on the way to the dealer another must have gone because the car really began running like crap and shut down on me. Too much fuel went unburned and ended up in the catalytic converter and ignited as it was already at operating temp. The cat was glowing red hot, smoke was everywhere. VW covered the new coils, new cat, new O2 sensor and the tow to the dealer. If you have one coil going, others may be soon to follow, but it's easier to drive on 3 than less than that.
Ok I replaced the coil still no difference I'm thinkin fuel injector Is there a way to test the injector or does anybody have any other ideas
Swap the injector with #2 and see if the misfire follows.
So after replacing the coil and no difference, and spark plug, and no difference. I ran some sea-foam in a bout 1/4 of a tank of fuel and it seemed to run smoother. So I ran a couple of bottles of techron through a tank, have used about half a tank, and it even runs smoother, once its warmed up. Still when you first start it and its cold. It misses terribly below 2,500rpm, smooth above. Once its warm it runs really well. Any ideas on what could cause this to act like this when cold?
Swap the injectors and you could try a compression check.
Injector not the problem either.

Ok the injector showed up today, new. I installed in #3 put it back together. No difference, still misses. Pull coil off of plug you can hear good spark down inside. Makes no difference. Runs great once it gets warm, and runs good when its cold if you keep the rpms up above 2,000. I have a new temperature sensor so I hooked that up to the wiring but did not install it in the block. It made no difference either. Any ideas anyone?
Do you see a knicked wire anywhere that feeds to that coil?
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