My 2001 B5.5 is gone. Here are some parts I have left over. Some parts are free and you need to add shipping price to the agreed price and free items.

  • APR Stage1 ECU… $240
    • IMMO disabled
    • 91/93/100 programs
    • Fault Code Erase/Throttle Body Alignment
    • You must match the P/N to the ECU in your car
  • W8 Headlights (Hella Xenon)… SOLD
    • 8000K Low beam bulbs
  • SRS-Style Rear Sway Bar (Skunkbar)… SOLD
  • 4qty 12mm spacers w bolts (Venum)… $55
  • 4 Spoke steering wheel with airbag (stitched leather wrapped)… $50
  • Engine Cover – Left (3B0 119 487)… $40
  • Badge-less Black Front Grill... $25
  • Thermostat with thermostat housing… Not Available
  • Crankcase breather hose… Free
  • Headlights euro switch… Not Available
  • HomeLink cover… Free

Note: The listed headlights didn't have the dust covers so what you see in the pictures are 3D printed covers. One ballast is original and the other is replaced with the after market one. The city light bulbs are removed.

See pictures here