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mirror heating element part #'s?

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I've been searching around but have yet to find the heating element part numbers for my side mirrors. I know a lot of people have had trouble with this and they might have written it down somewhere.

If you can please help me find the part number cuz i want to replace this myself, for the dealership wants like 130 for the fix which includes labor. :crazy:

Thank you~

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The heating element is integrated onto the mirror... so you just replace the whole lense. If you'd like blue tinted mirrors, you can get the Jetta one... gold tinted 99 Audi A8... they are all the same. Just call Libertyville VW (sponsor) or Drewparts (sponsor), get your Club B5 discount and install them yourselves.

The mirrors just snap out (it's a little scary the first time), just tilt them down by hand and get a covered screwdriver or your fingers behind the top edge and pull straight out, then unplug the flat connectors, and reverse... done. It's about a 2 minute job.
I got my blue tinted mirrors from Impex for $45 shipped, took seconds to put in. The write-up is on the info forum. :thumbup:
woooo... great...
maybe i'll get those asphereical ones

thanks for the help ~~
You might also try eBay. It took about a week, but I was able to buy a pair of the OEM blue-tinted Jetta mirrors for about $24 each from seller "snolvr8", who usually has one or more of these for sale.

Just checked... "snolvr8" has a couple for sale now.
now when i get any of these mirrors... do they already have the heating element on them? or do i have to look for a specific kind?

just afraid that i pay for ones that doesn't have the lines to them.
Yes, the OEM blue-tinted Jetta mirrors have elements built in. They're EXACTLY like the Passat mirrors except for the blue coating on the glass.

Here's a write-up with install tips and part numbers:

Note that these are NOT the split aspherical mirrors - driver mirror is flat, passenger mirror is aspherical - just like your OEM Passat mirrors except blue.
Jetta blue-tint side mirrors: 1J1 857 521 D left (driver) side; 1J1 857 522 J right (passenger) side.
kezho said:
Jetta blue-tint side mirrors: 1J1 857 521 D left (driver) side; 1J1 857 522 J right (passenger) side.
On sale at Impex, $16.50 for the passenger side, $23.50 for the driver's side:
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