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Minnesota Noob

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Hey guys,

Been lurking around the corners here for a few weeks because I was looking into getting a Passat. Well, now that I have one, I thought I would introduce myself. My name's Andy, and I'm from White Bear Lake, MN (just north of St. Paul). I'm relatively new to Passat's, but have been around European cars for awhile now, and I'm active on (same name).

This last weekend I picked up a 1997 Passat GLX wagon with 116xxx miles on it. VR6, 5-speed manual, loaded, etc etc etc. It's got a decent amount of rust around the wheel wells, but none anywhere else. I got it because I need a bigger daily for school and to make the 400 mile trips to school and back. And I'm really glad that I bought a car with a manual transmission finally :driving: Automatics are boring now :sleep:

I have a lot of plans for the car, but none will really come until the summer. Right now I am focused on getting the car back to the Twin Cities over Christmas break so that I can get the issues it has repaired :wrench: I got it for a good price, and I can do all the repairs that are needed and it should be great for what I need it for. Big thanks to Tristan at Further Performance in Minneapolis for checking the car out and making repairs and upgrades to the car in the future!

So, that is my introduction. I'll post pics up on here when I get the time. Thanks everyone!
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Hello Andy, welcome to the club :thumbup:
welcome man.

im from minnesota at heart. my great grandmother lives outside of starbuck, i have friends in the twin cities and my grandparents have a cabin outside of hibbing. i love that state.

lets get some pics of this car.
Welcome to the club. I guess I'm close enough to being in Minnesota, too. I'm 12 over the Iowa border south of rochester
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