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Minnesota- I need a little help

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I just bought a 99 Passat and I am trying to get it running. I have a bit of experience working on cars of various types, but I am finding I'm a little lost here. If I could just get a little help for a couple of hours I would come out really far ahead. I have a little bit of money if that helps. let me know

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Where abouts in the cities are you? I'm about 5 mins from DTown in Golden Valley. Also what is wrong with it? I have a v6, but there are alot of similarities.

Always happy to help.
Damn wish I was back at home or I'd love to help you out. I'm out at school in CO and won't be back in town till mid may. If you're out of luck and want a shop to look at it, I'd suggest bringing it to SCI performance. Look them up and they'll be happy to help you. Very nice people and excellent work.
Thanks guys. I am sorry that it has been so long. My wife and I had a baby so things have been all sorts of crazy. I would appreciate any help. a few updates. I had the car towed back to my house where I could work on it a little easier. I have pulled the interior out to dry out the 8+ gallons of water from the floorboard. I also ordered a new CCM which should be here by now but I have not been to the house recently. My feeling is there is water in the fuel system and that is why it is not running that well. I am trying to dry that out. I live in So. MPLS off Cedar. I really need access to VAG-COM if there is one out there.

Thanks again

Hunter - I have a VAG-Com. What happened to the car? How did you get 8 gallons of water in the car? I live in Wayzata and work in Richfield. shoot me a PM if necessary.

Oooh. This would be a fun day trying to fix your car. Maybe we can get some guys to help out?
Thanks guys. I have tons of beer! To answer your first question. The car sat for over a year with a plugged battery tray. The previous owner was in the Army and was out of the country. I bought it with the water problem. When I first looked at the car there was water in the battery compartment (well ice) that covered the battery completely. So I figured... What the hell.. Besides he is a friend and I wanted to help him out so I bought it from him. The car is actually running pretty well now. I have some vacumm leaks that I will soon address. I just need to reprogram the CCM I think. Who ever wants to help that would be cool. we can make a party of it. I can see Richfield from my house (not like Palin can see Russia) I am a lot closer right off 77 (Cedar Ave). And thanks again guys.
Yeah ben I think a GTG is in need for us....and he offered beer so I'm definitely there :)

We should organize something, but I'm usually not one to do that so someone else can LOL.
I would definitely be up for that. this coming weekend really works for me. next weekend no so much. Peter I know you are heading back at some point the end of this week so I don't know if this would work for you. How about the rest of you?
What about the weekend of the 29th? But yeah I'm free every weekend as of right now so whenever works for me.
The weekend of the 29th is a def. no. I might have some time next weekend though Sunday for sure and maybe late Sat. I would at least like to get the CCM programmed soon so I can see if I need anything else.
This weekend is a no go for me. MAybe next weekend depending on time.
Yeah I am thinking Sunday afternoon sometime (the 23rd).
Yeah I have tools... the only thing I don't have is a VAG - COM. How is Sunday around 2ish? thanks again for helping me out with this guys.

I will be there. Not on my new wheels yet though :(
GREAT! thanks guys I am lookingforward to meeting you both
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