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I ordered 2 Mikado IDT;s (in dash transmitter) via the GB one for the B5.5 and one for my sis's NB. They got here today and i tried to program them, but it isnt working.
I called them and they want me to send it back with a regular garage door opener to test the frequecny.
I was wondering if anyone else had some trouble proggraming thiers and figured out any info that could possibly help me out
I have a Raynor Garage Door and on the site it says 390mhz
So anyone have any programming suggestions???

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It took me about three tries..each time about 20 minutes trying to get the darn thing to flash three times. Kinda hard to hold and press the buttons at the same time when you are using both hands and going around the mikado remote.

Anyway, keep trying! I think the "sweet spot" is actually closer to the front side of of the switch. Somewhere near the "line" that divides the housing and the front part of the switch....hard to explain in words.

The remote and mikado switch have to actually be flat against each other.

Once you get it working, it works great! I love it and wish I had gotten one a long time ago. ( I also have a 390 Mhz door opener).

Good luck!
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