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MFD and steering wheel controls

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I am pretty sure that I have read that if I use MFD version G in a 2003 with steering wheel controls, I can keep their functionality...

Is this true?

Will I have to do anything special to get the steering wheel controls to work again once tht MFD is installed, or will they work automatically?

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From what I understand you maintain their functionality.
nope, u need a TMC box. the 2003 has a double din monsoon, which communicates through the CAN-BUS, altho the ver. G MFD utilizes CAN-BUS protocal as well, u need TMC gateway connected for the multi-function steering wheel to work. another option is get a D ver. MFD and another control module relay($250+ from dealer). search clubb5 for "steering wheel control" or something.
heres the guy you want to talk with
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