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i know this will be a rethread but as new members are joining regularly it might be worth starting a new one.

ill get the ball rolling with this "quality" piece of japanese engineering i owned from 1998 to 2001.This was a rare thing in the u.k, costing equivilent of around £50,000 ($85,000 ?) when it was new in 1985. it was about the fasting thing on the road at that time eating 911`s. Unfortuately the British climate took exception to them.
I did have some fun with it first though.

Would i buy another?...................naw.


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Humm, not sure if I have any pictures of my Corolla and the F150. I'll have to dig around and see. For now, here are two place holders of cars that look just like mine did, but are not mine:D

1993 Toyota Corolla LX

A yummy 115hp 1.8L, but would run on cat pee if I wanted it to. Still in service, sold to my father before I bought the Passat.

1984 Ford F150

Two fuel tanks, 4X4 and V8 powwwwwwerrrrr! Totaled in an ice storm, sold as scrap, rebuilt, still in service although not with me.

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96 geo tracker
85 mercury marquis
94 dodge caravan
88 honda accord
96 jetta gt
87 golf gl
00 passat glx
96 aurora
95 intrepid
94 mazda 626
95 blazer
00 yukon xl
91 acura integra
95 grand am
00 mustang convertable
00 grand prix gt
and my current vehicles are
96 intrepid, 02 wrx, 03 passat. There is probably more but i just cant remember

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80 GTI

75 Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV
78 Rabbit L
81 Rabbit L
90 Golf Diesel
83 Audi GT Coupe
85 Scirocco
95 Golf CL
97 Golf CL
83 Scirocco

95 Passat GLX
01 Audi A6

01 Passat GLX (still have)

00 GTI GLX (still have)

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1995 Jeep Wrangler (Traded)
1998 Jeep XJ (Sold)

1996 Chevy Suburban 2500 4x4 (Still have it)

1999 Passat Wagon 1.8T (The woman drives it)

My intake has Emphysema
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84 Ford Tempo - biggest PoS in the world, but it took a hell of a beating!
87 F-150 2wd - gave to the ex's f-in-law
83 Dodge Mirada - amazing 85HP slant left testicle had more power those days (today, I'm not so sure :biglaugh: )
93 Dodge Caravan - bought new, then the power steering pump fell off while driving!
97 Ford T-Bird - had the v6, I actually loved that car even with the tranny trouble
2000 Ford Ranger 4x4 - made Ford buy it back from me through arbitration - the last Ford I'd ever own
83 Celica GT - miss that car every day
99 Dodge Dakota - canary yellow - v6 and about 350hp - my first project - dying for another
02 Gti 1.8t - until a damn FORD put my rear bumper in my back seat:cry:

02 Passat GLS
95 Acura Integra (wife's)

The "Odd" one
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1988 Subaru GL

1995 VW Golf Sport(Both looked the same...just wanted more ummmph)
1996 VW GTI VR6

1999.5 VW Jetta V6
2005 Volvo V50

Inherited by Marriage:
1996 saturn SC2

2003 Passat
2005 Chrysler Town and Country
2004 Harley Davidson Softail Springer

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1989 Buick Reatta - I got 249,000 miles (at the time it was in the top 5 of high mileage Reattas on the Reatta database) on it before I blew the tranny for the 3rd time and decided to part it out (tranny replacement was more than the car was worth) and got my Passat. It brought me out to California from Maryland, actually. I may buy another one someday.


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here are my two past cars

2000 Mustang GT - before

after, thanks to a semi driver that wasn't paying attention

it was depressing going to this...

although i still have it with 175k on it, damn thing wont die!

as much as i love my passat, i still really miss my mustang :(
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