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I have two 2.5 L vehicles in the garage. One is a 13 B7 Passat with 110K and the other a 12 MKVI Sportwagen with 68K. I noticed a rather large difference between the two in Measurement Block 091, Cam Adjustment Intake.

Neither car is throwing any faults other then the XM Radio antenna.

On the Passat, is 23.9% excessive? If so, where do I start looking for the issue? Cam Solenoid is my first thought. I ran the VCDS test for the intake cam advance and it passed.

History: The Passat was purchased in 2016 with 32K miles on it from a repeatable dealer, and I've had all services performed on the car based on the VAG proscribed schedule. The ECU has never been flashed with a factory or performance upgrade.

As an aside, the Jetta outperforms the Passat in acceleration with the Passat weighing just 350 Lbs. more.



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