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I've researched as far as I can on this one and have come to no conclusion.

My MDA on a 2002 1.8T is blank, not a thing. The backlight is working, the pixels are there, but are all 'clear', which I believe means no power to them in an inverse LCD setup?

I reflowed the connections between the LCD ribbon and the board, resoldered some connections elsewhere on the cluster that looked a bit dull, but no change.

Bentley doesn't illustrate all of the data flowing back and forth between the controllers, but I am hoping that there may be a cause other than 'cluster failed, need a new one'. So, does anyone know how this system works and how I could check to see if the data is reaching the instrument controller? I really must get a proper VAG-COM license, but with the free version I can see that the instrument controller knows the outside temp, but then that is wired directly to the temp sensor.

I've heard of people losing their MDA then restarting to find it working again, which means their displays are fine. What else can go wrong? Where are the weaknesses in the system? This car sat outside for a few months and flooded the battery area quite badly, could that have caused connectors to get wet?

Sorry for the long post, just doing a brain dump in the hopes someone will see a pattern.

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