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Looking to cure some surgin issues with my neuspeed 1bar chip after recently installing an n75J valve. I know easy awnser just put a stock valve back in but curious to see if I can cure this since it only seems to come in while building boost too quickly.

So my question is is there much of a diffference in between the mbc's out there , looking at the boostvalve kit designed for overboost but is it designed for dbw cars ? I have an aeb so curious If I should just get any generic mbc , and I guess some are not adjustable while installed and need to be removed to be able to adjust the boost setting ? Would prefer one that is adjustable while on the car.

Also looking at the boost machine but think that might be a bit much for what i am trying to do and cost is an issue for me right now.

TIA for any thoughts or comments on the different mbc's out there
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