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Hey guys. Recently bought a 2006 Passat 3.2l 4motion wagon
i love it a little too much and my girlfriend hates me cleaning it every week - but being black car you know how it is

anyway so its almost up for 190000 kilometres and ive compiled a list of its service history for my sake and mechanics sake

New Headunit Mar-09
Left mirror N/S motor replaced Mar-09

Air Filter Sep-10 62084
Mar-12 90702
Sep-13 120355
Oct-14 141692

Cabin Filter Sep-10 62084
Mar-12 90702

Brake Fluid May-11 75669

New AC Compressor Jan-13 106957
A/C Compressor - regas Jan-13 106957
o2 sensors pre cat Jan-13 106957
o2 sensor banks 1&2 Jan-13 106957

Steering Wheel Clock Spring Feb-13 110571

Fuel Filter Sep-13 120355

Spark Plugs Sep-13 120355

DSG Service Sep-13 120355

Handbrake Control Module Jul-15 159428

Coil Pack (1x) Jul-16 182955
1x spark plug Jul-16 182955

hope that makes sense-
the last service asks at the end of the report

fuel injector clean

lower control arm bushes torn and noisy -
does this mean replace the whole arm -
and upgrade to r36 bushes - ecs tuning website

cv boots torn for the second time - will replace, but should i do cv joints while doing the boots

i also need to do my rotors and pads - but cant for the life of me find the diameter of the 3.2l

So next service
tie rods - control arm bushes etc
haldex service
cabin filter
air filter
brake fluid change:wrench::wrench::wrench::wrench:
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