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In NJ, SUV folks are lobbying for BIGGER parking spaces so the park the behemoths closer to the door for Lord & Taylor......
I don't know about there, but many spots here are too small to safely park my Variant in.... and it's just a midsize! :weirdo: Of course, those with the huge SUVs will typically park in the "compact" (AKA "supersubcompact", my wife's old Escort could barely squeeze into those spots!) spots. Tires on both lines at once....

I'd like to see bigger spots so all the people who park badly (SUV and compact and everything in between) will at least not be impacting the people next to them as much, and so I can get my Passat into a parking spot without having to fear for its safety! :D (Usually I have to find a "large" spot, or else find an end spot and park nearly touching the curb to have any sort of room.)
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