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Thanks, we ugraded to a IVA-901 head unit, PXA-H701 digital processor, NVE-N852A nav unit, DHA-S680 dvd changer, CHA-???? cd changer, MRV-F450 5 ch amp, center channel speaker, JL 10W6, two 10 in widescreen overhead screens, 2 ch audiovox headsets, reverse 195 degree camera, and a GPS tracking alarm with notification. Now I have this other unit laying around and I just want to sell it.

Thanks, Bryan

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OK. here is the deal. LIke I said, I wanted to sell it all as a package but I guess I'll try to break it up if nobody want is complete. The complete package is still $1200. Seperatly, here goes.

The monitor and brain with wiring: $400 OBO (Normally $900)

The Navigation unit w/newest navigation software for the US, canada, and mexico and wiring: $900 OBO (normally $1800)

The digital Processor w/ controler $300 OBO (Normally $550)

Last years alpine navigation software version 1.3 $150 OBO (normally $300)

Please email me or call me at 979-229-3339 if intrested.

Thanks, Bryan

P.S I also have a full set of Definitive Technologies home speaker forsale in the classifieds, take alook.

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Here the details:

Alpine CVA-1005, NVE-N851A, PXA-H501, and NVD-A211forsale. See below for all descriptions. All wiring and mounting brackets are included. All units are in lightly used working condition. They screen needs a nudge of help opening on one out of ten sequences. The screen is bright and vivid, great for watching DVD’s with and optional DVD / VCR. A “black box” is included to allow for viewing a movie while driving, great for passengers on long road trips. The Navigation system is the best around with the most updated two disk DVD set that exists. You CANNOT get lost with this system, no more stopping for directions.

We had this in our last vehicle (and loved it) and have a similar set up in our current vehicle. You can add additional monitors, game systems, XM radio, cd changer, and a dvd changer for an incredible ride. This system was working great when removed from our old vehicle in March and has been sitting in our house ever since. We provide no guarentee that it is without defect, however we know of none.

Alpine CVA-1005

6.5" Fully Motorized LCD Monitor with AM/FM

40W x 4 High Power Amplifier
(3) Preouts
(2) Auxiliary A/V Inputs
Spectrum Analyzer Display
CD Shuttle Control Function
Dual-In Circuit
Navigation Audio Mix
Dedicated Navigation Input
Auxiliary Monitor Control Output
Subwoofer Level Control
Selectable Fader
Preamp Fader
Source Tone Memory
Demo Function
Sound Guide
Operation Indicator
Rotary Encoder Volume Knob
Audio/Navigation Wireless Remote Control Included
Audio Interrupt In
Remote-On Lead
Power Antenna Lead
Dimmer-On Lead
Gold-Plated RCA Connectors
Random Play
Music Scan
Disc Title Memory
Title Search Menu Scroll
Elapsed Time Display
External Processor Audio Full Control
External Processor Preset Function Recall
Ai-Talk Display
Multi-CD Shuttle Control
M.I.X. All
Preset Stations (12FM/6AM/6DAP)
D.A.P. (Direct Access Preset)
High Speed Tune
Travel Search
Auto Memory
Local/DX Selection
Mono Switch
Preset Address Indicator
Station Title Memory
Title Search Menu

Alpine PXA-H510

PXA-H510 Digital Signal Processor


You've seen it in the theater, you've heard it in your home - well, now you can bring the 5.1 channel Dolby Digital Theater surround sound experience to your mobile environment! And in addition to Dolby Digital decoding, this Digital Signal Processor has a Digital Parametric EQ allowing you to really personalize your system. A compliment to an Alpine Mobile DVD player, this unit makes the picture come alive and sound better than you could ever imagine . . . well, you could if you had an Alpine! • Dolby Digital‚ Decoder• Dolby ProLogic‚ Decoder• Bi-Phantom Capability• Digital Parametric EQ• Digital Time Correction• 6-Mode Surround Sound• Ai-Net Processor• 3-Digital Optical Inputs• Subwoofer Level Control• 4 Volt PreOut• 6-PreOuts

Alpine NVE-N851A

DVD Navigation Unit

Key Features

• Coverage across the US and parts of Canada (see coverage map for detailed areas)
• GUI (Graphical User Interface) for Drivers
• Alpine DVD-ROM Mechanism
• High Performance CPU and Graphics Engine
• 12 Channel GPS Receiver, Gyro Sensor and Speed Sensor
• Wireless Audio/Navigation Remote Control Included
• Freeway Exit and Entrance Name Guidance
• SmartMap Pro 8.5 GB Dual Layer DVD-ROM
• Over 11 million points of interest (POIs) from NavTech and InfoUSA

Alpine's DVD PowerNav system was the first to the US market and no one does it better! It's easy to put in an address, business phone number, business name, whatever - and it finds it all, giving you turn-by-turn directions all the way to your destination! It's got over six million points of interest such as ATM's, restaurants, shopping malls, even hardware stores and garden nurseries. And it finds these destinations fast, finishing calculations to your destination in mere seconds! Even if you miss a turn, DVD PowerNav will get you back on your course quickly and automatically.

Alpine NVD-A211

Power Nav Software

Contained in the SmartMap Pro Version 2.0 Software DVD-ROM are two types of digital map coverage: Turn-by-Turn, and Map-Only Display type coverage. The cities listed (sorted by state) show areas where Turn-by-Turn map coverage is available. These cities contain digitized roads in the navigation database that are capable of providing turn-by-turn, voice supported instructions. Cities not listed are most likely covered in Map-Only Display type coverage where roads and highways are displayed on the map, but are not able to provide turn-by-turn, voice supported guidance instructions

City Listing PDF
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