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Just wanted to recognize ECS Tuning and Jack for being very helpful and totally committed to servicing their customers. VW dealer parts and service could learn something from these guys.

As the weather got colder here in Philly, I began hearing the telltale creaks and groans attributable to the B5's wonderful suspension. At first I figured it was the normal rubber on metal due to the abnormally cold temps. As the 'creaks' became worse I decided to take a look 'under the covers'. After jacking up the front left and removing the wheel, I found the problem. The bushing on the left, upper-rear control arm had experienced a catastrophic failure. The metal bolt carrier portion, which is bonded to the rubber bushing, had seperated from the bushing. It was so bad that once the control arm was popped free from the steering knuckle, it simply dangled vertically from the strut tower plate. What is really surprising is that the failure occured with only 10,000 miles on the control arms; replaced in May after the OEM control arm ball-joints began to fail at 45,000 miles.

After a call to ECS and a quick conversation with Jack, a new arm (at no charge once the original is received) was shipped out via UPS that very day. After 90 minutes on Sunday in shockingly warm (40+ F) weather, the ride is back to normal.

Thanks again to Jack and ECS for being so helpful. :thumbup:


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I use them for all of my service and I would agree with you 100%. They will step up and help their customers when they need it.
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