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Lust With Me: 2006 Aston Martin Mansory Vanquish S

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Make Aston Martin
Model Vanquish S
Tuner Mansory
Engine Location Front
Drive Type Rear Wheel
Body Material Carbon Fibre & Aluminum
Introduced At 2006 Essen Motorshow

Engine Configuration V
Cylinders 12
Engine All alloy.
Aspiration/Induction Normal
Displacement 5935.00 cc | 362.2 cu in. | 5.9 L.
Valves 48 valves.
4 valves per cylinder.
Valvetrain DOHC
Horsepower 520.00 BHP (382.7 KW) @ 7000.00 RPM
Torque 577.00 NM (425.4 Ft-Lbs) @ 5800.00 RPM
HP / Liter 88.1 BHP / Liter
Compression Ratio 10.8:1
Fuel Feed Twin PTEC engine management system controllin

Standard Transmission
Gears 6
Transmission Manual

Seating Capacity 2
Doors 2
Length 183.701 in | 4666 mm.
Width 75.701 in | 1922.8 mm.
Height 51.901 in | 1318.3 mm.
Wheelbase 105.901 in | 2689.9 mm.
Vehicles with similar dimensions

Suspension Independent double aluminium wishbones

Rack and Pinion with Power Assist

Front Brake Size 405.001 mm | 15.9 in.
Rear Brake Size 330.001 mm | 13 in.

Tires / Wheels
Tires Front : 255/35/20

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Lord knows how the Teletubbies can afford one of those.

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Oh god.... I need to change pants...
Would they take a first born child?
Ok, I'm am all about AM but this just doesn't do it for me. I don't care for the wheels or the rear valavnce. IMHO
:Yikes: my mouth can't close. I LOVE THAT EXHAUST!!!!!:bowdown: :thumbup:

Very well done!!
Looks busy... in a very un-Aston kind of way.
Not a fan.
You are going to have to lust without me on this one....

I am not feeling it with all the Pontiac Grandprix inspired bodywork.:puke:
So horribly overdone. And where are the brake rotors?
the wheels look awkward

This is not my fav AM for sure...
So horribly overdone. And where are the brake rotors?
There are, silver ones.

I like it, time to sell someone to slavery.
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