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Lumbar support

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The other day I stretched in my seat to get something out of my pocket and pipes/broke the lumbar support on the right hand side of the seat. Is this serviceable or am I SoL and should head to the junk yard for a new seat
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It's a plastic part that breaks in there... I was able to rig mine back together with glue and some strategically placed wire, but I replaced the seat before i discovered how well it would hold up. Prob best to get a different seat. FYI- Jetta seats are the same, except for the spacing on the mounting tracks. I disassembled a pair of leather Jetta seats I picked up locally, swapped the entire back sections, and then the cover & pad off the Jetta bases and onto the Passat bases. Now i have a one off set of cloth Jetta seats, and nice leather in my car. Unfortunately, my car is still awaiting a replacement engine...
Go to your nearest salvage yard, look for a nearly trashed manual-adjust driver's seat and slip the guy behind the counter a $20 to let you remove a working lumber mechanism out of the driver's seat. The knob moves two stiff "rod/cables", each inside a sheath, to operate the lumbar support (part of the seat, not available through any dealership).

You'll go through a learning curve on removing the seat back cover, then disconnecting the lumbar mech. from the cables on the trashed seat. Had to R&R my driver's seat lumbar support a couple yrs ago due to a March 2014 accident.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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