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Lubing my sunroof?

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I was wondering what I should use to lube the sunroof in my passat. Is there anything else that works, other than the recommended stuff from the dealer? what parts should I lube? Its starting to make some creaking noises when I put it in the vent possition, so I figured its time.
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sunroof lube?

What does the dealer recommend?
Sharky said:
IDriveB5 said:
thanks sharkman.

while we are on the subject of sunrooves, what should we lubricate the track with?
VW is very specific for the lubricant. It is part number G 000 450 02. It is all I will use.

When you lube them, get some Q-Tips and clean as much of the old lubricant out of the tracks as you can, along with the dirt and grit and whatever else is in there.
are the tracks all you lube up? cause I'm getting a growning/creaking noise when I just put the sunroof in the vent position (still closed, but with the back tilted up). I was wondering of your supposed to lube the linkage up back there too.
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