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There are screws on the inside bottom of each door undo them, then on the outside there are backing clips pull gently and lowers pop off. Then theres a piece that takes three screws on each rear wheel well. last but not least you have too open both doors (on one side at a time) and there is a long plastic piece that slides out(this piece runs horizontal between the front of the inside doorwell to the back of the rear doorwell) once removed it will expose screws to take off the very bottom piece on the car, IIRC theres a couple screws on the bottom of car that also hold it on.
It should take about 20min once you know what your doing, never took off the front or rear valence so I am no help there. Good luck :thumbup:
You will need the little green rubber boots that go inside the clips on the door lowers and wheel well pieces from the dealer. (you can reuse them but it is a more snug fit when they are bought new. HTH
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