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Hello! I am just a new owner of a Volkswagen 1,9 TDi Combi from 2002 with 125.000 km on board! The car si wonderful, I enjoy driving it, I am happy with everything so far! BUT, 2 days ago, after regular maintenance at every 10.000 km (change of oil, and filters), I went out of the city (Bucharest, Romania) and I realised that I have not to much power. Even I pushed the acceleration to the bottom, I couldn't go over 120 km/h. It took about 150 km to get back the full power of the engine! I have to mention that i drove 1500 km inside city, only before that maintenance. I used between 1500-2500 rotations/minute.
1. Why it happened that situation with no power? As it was temporary, shall I expect for it again?
2. What is usual number of rotations/ minute I have to drive my car? Ex. between 2000-3000 rot/min
3. Excuse my poor English, but as you know, Nobody's perfect!
All the best and thanks for support!
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