Hey forum members,

Some of you have been fantastic with suggestions on how to maintain my gunmetal grey B5, and a kind thank you for that advice!

As I'm moving and won't have space for the B5 I'm interested in finding out if anyone wants a working B5 to drive or as a part out? She's about 193,000mi in driving age (B5 was titled in Canada so that is the estimate from KM; VAGCOM can shift from KM to miles). Hand over can be around Los Angeles or around San Jose.

It's still in good shape, although some work by an earlier shop has led to a rusty quarter panel (cheap Chinese replacement part) and cracking of the paint on the hood. If you're looking for a stunningly kept B5, this is not it.

As it is 2000.5 AUG it's a little quirky of a car, and hence I never chipped it for performance concerns.

From a perspective of parting out, here are some custom parts or newer parts that were installed around the start of the pandemic and with low mileage:

a) "yellow" Koni shocks with lifetime replacement (if you remove and they are not in good shape, I can send them in for full replacement and give them to you when they return, so you have a new set; good for B5 & B5.5; installed in 2007, full replacement in 2013, under 25,000mi since last installation);
b) H&R OE springs (good for B% & B5.5; installed in 2007)
c) 2x sets of Hella HID front headlamps (for B5s; one set is installed, the other in boxes; both could use a gentle sanding as per instructions on the forum to get them back to near factory clear);
d) under 5,000mi replacement rear calipers (also good for B5.5);
e) under 5,000mi 185/55R15 (I think that is the size; spare for your daily driver or when you trade/sell/junk);
f) Gorilla brand floor mats and the matching trunk mat (good for B5 & B5.5);
g) not perfect condition B5 badgeless grill (could use a paint touch up due to a bump);

I prefer to sell the B5 with all these parts included for the person that offers the best price, and hope they can make use of the B5. I have lifetime alignment through Firestone and can do an alignment before it is sold.

If you want a daily driver that easily matches the speed of LA traffic at rush hour, this may be your car at a discount!

Please reach out via direct message and let me know if you would like to speak.

Thank you.