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Looking for quiet snow tire, good treadwear

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Based on this information:

...should I just go out and buy a set of the Michelin Primacy Alpin PA 3? I have dedicated snow rims (stock 15") and my main criteria are noise and treadwear. I have had two sets of Nokians over the years (hak2's, rsi's) and they are too noisy, and get noisier as they wear. Maybe the Michelins are just as noisy?

Does anyone know a respectable winter tire that is the least noisy?

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By its nature, I would give a noise advantage to the Michelin. Its tight, rib-like tread pattern, should prove to make less coarse noise than a more aggressive tread patterned tire.

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My nokian RSIs couldn't be described as loud by me.
You must have better hearing than me.
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