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I’m needing a few random parts and bits that aren’t readily available besides at a dealer. Hopeful someone knows of a current part out k. A 2014 TDI (or equivalent)

parts needed:
-Engine cover
-The little ‘wing’ trims that fit in the lower corner of the windshield behind the hood hinges
-throttle body and throttle body harness pigtail
-A/c pressure sensor harness pigtail (sensor is behind the washer fluid reservoir on ac line)
-MAP sensor harness pigtail

rebuilding a vehicle that was in a crash and a few incidentally damaged thing were found in tear down.

willing to toss a case of beer or two to someone that knows of a local pick your part and can go pull these few things. Don’t have yards within 2 states of me with late model VW’s

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Hey buddy if you are still interested in getting a nice 2014 TDI part, I have a dealer of mine that once help me to get mine for a decent price you can kindly contact

Good luck buddy

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