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Looking for B5 Wagon rear springs and/or part number

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I've looked all over, and I can't find anywhere that sells OEM (I don't want to lower my car) B5 wagon springs for the rear. I just installed my system in my 98 Passat sedan, and it seems like the back end is a bit lower (I'd guess the equipment is maybe 100lbs total?), so I was thinking wagon springs in the back to boost it back up to normal.

So, what I'm looking for is either someone selling a pair, or even just the part number so I can look them up. But I just don't know how to find what I'm looking for. Any help? Thanks!
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I've looked on ecstuning, and I don't see any OEM height rear springs at all for the Passat, let alone wagon springs. I see plenty of lowering springs, but nothing stock height. That's my problem. I've checked ecs, germanautoparts, idparts, I've googled...
I did more reading, and apparently there are different springs for different "weight categories", and you can find which category your car belongs in by looking at the option sticker in the trunk. Problem is, my sticker was already gone when I bought the car. Is there anywhere else on the car where I could find that info?
Another option would be to find a pair of coil-over adjusters. Then you could set the height properly instead of hoping the wagon springs are enough.
I finally found & installed what I was looking for. According to ETKA, my rear springs had 1 green, 1 brown paint mark, making them 3B0511115N, the weakest option. I found a pair of 3B0511115S, which have 1 green, 3 brown, which are the strongest (?) option for the comfort suspension. After installing, it raised the back end up quite a bit, and stays up with the spare tire, a full tank of fuel, and the equipment in the trunk, and best of all, it rides like stock, which is what I wanted.
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I'm looking to replace mine as well. Where did you get yours from?
Interested as well... With the 2nd battery and sub in the trunk... the back end is sagging a little.
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