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I have a 2003 B5 Passat. In Jan of 2004 I had a stereo shop install my Alpine Navigation (A place in white plains). Since that time, I have had numerous wiring issues & the store's old owner sold to an employee so I dont have any "friends" in the business.

The last time I had an issue with my display, it took them 4 weeks to resolve the issue.

Currently, my navigation blinked off. My plan is to remove it, send it to alpine itself for testing & if it gets back OK, I can assume the wiring job is faulty (likely).

Without wanting to get completely hosed, where can I bring my car to for someone to charge a "fair" price to rewire the navigation install (the display does work for other inputs - tuner, etc).

I am in Westchester County but dont mind driving somewhere else for a fair shake & decent service.

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