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I've been having lock/remot issues lately.

When the car is unlocked, i.e., get out in a parking lot, I push the lock button on the remote and the alarm horn in the rear beeps, but the doors don't lock. I have to push the unlock button and then hit the lock button again before the locks engage.

Anyone ever have this problem?

Also, the chime to warn that my headlights were left on doesn't work, regardless as to whether the key is in the ignition or not. Is this a lose connection somewhere?

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triptronic said:
I did, its the microchip in the door.
$150 to fix it. Thats for the chip.
Live with it and save $150 or pay for peace of mind.
Hey triptronic...can you shed some light on which door the microchip is and it's location as I'm having the exact same issue?

Thanks in advance,

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