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Lights on door interior still lit with lights off and car off

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How are theses still on even after my car is off lights off they won’t shut off I don’t understand . And no other lights are in the car but this . Battery don’t die but I’m afraid it will drain some day X any explanation


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Is the driver door, puddle light on when door open and off when door closed ?
With interior light set to door, does it go on when door opened and go off soon after the door is closed ?

It is likely that the door open switch or its wiring is faulty, see below.
But it could also be a faulty CCM or its wiring.

If you remove the door lock module, be sure to re-solder all connections on the PCB.
Ensure the lamp is good before testing the rest.
If the puddle light ever comes on with the door closed, the "door open switch" is almost certainly not functioning correctly.
If the puddle light ever does not come on with the door open, the "door open switch" or its wiring (including solder joints on the PCB) is almost certainly faulty.

Front Door Lock (Rear doors are similar)
You should lower the window into the service position (2"-3" open) before you disconnect the battery.
No need to remove the window completely, just tape it up securely. (Put paper/plastic over top of door to protect paint)
Door Lock Mechanism Repair (With Pics) (Modified copy from
Also check the wiring and connectors between the doors and pillars.

All Doors
Additional information on the "puddle light/door open switch".
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