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License plate holder screw does not come out (rear) -Help

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I was trying to put a new license plate holder on the trunk. All the (4) bolts on the rear license plate holder are rusted. I was able to get 3 of them out but one of it is so rusted that it does not come out. Its the lower right side screw that hold the license plate. I tried WD40 but still no luck. I have also stripped the Philips head screw a bit. Any thoughts on how to take it out?
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it took me 3 hr to take teh screw off my car.
I used Alligator pliers and skratch teh plate a little.

Make sure that you put a drop or two of oil when you putthem back, if you would there will be no problem in future :wink:
happened when I traded my GLX... You'll have to drill it out.. Use stailness steel screws next time...
What about using the 'screw-out' sold by Sears. I have one and have never had a reason to use it but it is supposed to grab the stripped screw head and pull the sucker right out. Also WD40 isn't the best thing to use...try a penetrating oil and let it sit for a bit on the screw if you can wait.

Hope it works... don't get too impatient...
I guess my weekend is going to be spent trying to get one small screw out from a license plate :mad: If I can get it to come out I am going to go and buy some stainless stell screws.
yeah you have to deffintalyscrew those babys out god took about half a day :weirdo:
Use Liquid Wrench or similar penetrant oil; they'll work better than WD-40. Apply tonoght and let soak overnight. Get up in the morning and give it another dose - with any luck, by the time you're ready to work on it they'll come out without much effort.

Also, you can get a nice set of stainless steel bolts (with hex key heads) and spacers from Yosteve is a member here, and a nice guy to deal with. Shipping is free!
or use nylon screws
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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