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In my recent search for new coil packs for my 1.8T I searched the internet for prices and then price compared local dealerships.

Here are some prices I've found from the internet on the lower end:

06B-905-115-R $25.92 + shipping

06B-905-115-R $23.36 + shipping

Locally, only two dealerships were offering the same list price as Robert Ford from Riverside VW (he whom has been answering our questions as Fixmy59bug), that is $32.00.

Other dealerships, including Autobarn Evanston, Jennings VW in Glenview, and Fletcher Jones VW of Chicago wanted more than $42 per coil pack. North Shore Volkswagen in Highland Park wanted over $49 per coil pack(!) I guess it's okay to make people living in the most expensive suburbs in the area pay 50% OVER MSRP!!!!!

After talking with the parts desk at Autobarn Mount Prospect (thanks Rich, Erich, Juan and guys) the discount is still intact for PW members (25% off true MSRP) and they don't have the mark up above VW MSRP other dealerships do.

I was able to get each coil pack for about $23, and bought my four including tax for just over $101 (didn't being my receipt to the office so don't recall how many cents).

Wanted to give a thanks to the guys at the Autobarn MP parts desk and let PW members know they may be a great option for parts even if you have to ship to where you are outside of Chicago.
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