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Hey Charles,
The car has been going well but is undergoing midlife "facelift" ... turbo, FMIC & bits n pieces - enough to keep me interested in her for a few more years :)
As for the "Fahrer Gefunden" shirt lets just say it was the first time I've had something that was too huge to fit!:cry:
Was dissapointing because they looked great and were a decent quality - oh well too sad too bad.
Oh man, for real? Maybe if you put the shirt in the drier for a while it'll shrink. Or steam it. Anyway, i would've sent you another one in replacement but the GB was shut down by Mr. PW prez.

Anyhow, its great to hear from you and good luck with the facelift! When the time comes I hope your next car would be another Passat! (Hint: CC ;) :D) Cheers!
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