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I just wanted to share a recent problem I've had. I would let you guys know that the Crosby VW guysin Kitchener have been really trying to bend you over with part pricing. I contacted them to price out coil packs and other misc parts but they are really quick to say a price and try to stick to it. Two parts I got priced there today for instance:

Cambridge VW Pricing: Kitchener VW (Crosby)
06E905115E $35.13 ea. 06E905115E $60
07K905715F $58.69 07K905715F $60

I called Cambridge second but had already searched ECS tuning. When I called Crosby, he told me that 60$ was the part price and I asked him about the other part number, he said its the same type of part and is 60$ too. ?I told him that external sites has pricing of 23$ (ecs tuning), he assured me that these were chinese knockoffs and wouldn't be his suggestion to buy, i assured him they were genuine vw.

Last week I had an instance where I got a part number and price from sarnia and came back to kitchener to find the part had a 100% mark up. When I told him the price, he said, no problem, we will match. Overall, I just wanted to let you know that you might want to get your car serviced else where because if they give you prices like this for everything. things sure could get expensive in a hurry.

Overall, it really makes me want to do an investigation to see how much different parts compare. Overall, I have to note some problems at dealerships and it frustrates me to see this. There is already such a large mark up on auto parts it differs one place to the next. You would think this would be on a north american price. If i had not known better, I would have spent twice the amount on the same parts in the past week.

Just a heads up. yup
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