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I wish I wasn't witless
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When I the car, I didn't think there was anything I could do to it...I was wrong and so it began with humble beginnings...

Interior monitoring, glove box cooler, Euro plate holder up front

LED plate, city and DRL's; ECS H-pipe; oCarbon B-pillars, de-tangoed corners (pics to come)

R8 steering wheel, new shifter and E-Brake handle because who should have to deal with worn stuff?

Apikol Rear diff mount, 034 trans and torque mount (Major shifting improvement)

Gunmetal Black powdercoated rims

Working on getting the silver trim blacked out for something like this, even thinking about the rims too

And I have some engine bay goodies waiting at home, and a 2010 RNS-E being built, pics to come.
I'm hoping JHM still has their exhaust available with black tips because that's up for being next on the list...

Moral of the story is: No matter what a petrol head hath bought, he shall not keepeth it stock.

Don't think I've forgotten the Passat, I've got a few things lined up for her too ;)

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What oily bits specifically?
PM'ed about sways.
Non-specific really. The IM would be interesting if I wasn't putting the PES supercharger on my 4.2. Brakes might be a want if the right price. You really have pretty awesome kit right off the showroom floor, hard to fathom what you may want to swap out eventually.

The Hotchkiss sways are supposed to be the bees knees for our beasts, since mine is a daily and on 19s, I may just enjoy the RS4 units as an intermediate step in a flatter direction.

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