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Kamei vs. Mattig B5.5 grilles?

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I'm looking at a sport grille from my B5.5.
I really like these two, but can't tell what's the difference between the two (other than the Kamei badge).
The Kamei is a pretty popular choice, while the Mattig is $30 more but I haven't heard of anyone who has it and don't know much about it.

Kamei Sports Grille:

Mattig Supersports Grille:
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I didn't know mattig had a mesh grill :???:
The only mattig grills I've seen are like the stock grills minus the VW logo.
Anyone have this :???:
BUMP 4 ya
i've seen that mattig grill on here somewhere. i know for sure someone has it...

now just have to find out who :roll: :poke:
i like the mattig better...kamei chicken-wire scares me...
The Mattig grille photo is too dark to see what the mesh looks like. It's hard to tell the difference on how deep the mesh sits in the grille frame between the two.

I'm planning on replacing the mesh with a heavy Bentley-like steel mesh (either stainless steel or chrome), to complement the chrome trim on my B5.5, so I don't care what the mesh looks like
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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