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Kahtec 3rd Brake Light Blinking Smart Flashing lights

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Has anybody put these on their B7 Passat?
Kahtec Technologies International ? Home Of The Flashing Brake Light ? Blinking Tail Lights to Improve Vehicle Safety

Or can you program the car to do it.
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You can program your car to do it,
Address 09, longcoding and then longcoding helper, in one of the bytes you will find “Emergency Brake Light Flashing”

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What maxx007at neglects to say is that, yes it can be done, but you must have a Ross-Tech VCDS tool to be able to do that.
I do not know if OBD 11 can do it, which is a less expensive tool.

But this will only "Flash" the brake lights in an emergency stop. I.e if you stomp on the brakes really hard. Regular normal braking is not affected.
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