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K-wire required with stock Gamma?

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Hi everyone.... (sorry Quality_Sound / Paul.... i know I ask too much sometimes! :D )

I have been busy doing up some mods on my car.. including the double din conversion etc. And have yet another question please..

Is the K-wire (3) required if you are using the stock Gamma? (i know its not if you use an aftermarket unit). But am curretnly spliting wires and stuff.. and found that the Gamma does not work connected to the following:

Ground (P),
Switch/Ignition (L),
Always-On 12 Battery (O)
Illuminator?light dimmer (N)

is there another essential wire that needs to be connected to the Gamma appart from the above? maybe the K-wire? or ?

thank you for all the help so far!!!!! much appreciated!

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everything looks good, Abe.

Paul :thumbup:

but do i need the k-wire with the Gamma then?

Coz with the current setup at the moment (above) the Gamma refuses to swith on (just the illumination works, but not the blue screen or the actaully radio its self).
I didn't think so but you may need it. A Haynes manual would be good here.

Paul :thumbup:
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