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Here and there you'll see me post up options or suggestions to buy used parts from CarParts4Sale, Inc. - Used VW and Audi Parts Shop when individuals are looking for a used part in a pinch.

I've been buying parts from them for almost 4 years now, and I think a :bowdown: is necessary to Blake and his team at CarParts4Sale.
Last week I bought a used drivers side rear door window from CarParts4Sale. The window made it all the way to the last stop before being delivered to my house. FedEx destroyed the window the day it supposed to be delivered to my door. This was last Thursday. Called Blake Friday morning and told him the news. I don't know how he did it, but a replacement window showed up on my doorstep early Saturday morning.
Now that is Customer Service at it's finest.

So once again I'll tought his business. If you need parts for your car and used will fit the bill, Blake over at CarParts4Sale, Inc. - Used VW and Audi Parts Shop is your connection.
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