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I give a lot of credit to you guys and gals on this web site. I installed a low miles 1.8T in a 1999 Passat I purchased. This web site answered questions that are unique to VWs such as Tranny, and power steering fluids. Install went very easy and while I was at it I replace the timing belt and water pump while the engine was out of the car.

By the way I love the way the front clip comes off to install an engine. So much better than other US and foreign cars I have worked on.

Now to servicing the Tranny:

The car has sat without an engine for over a year before I purchased it and the torque converter and tranny cooler was totally empty. I drained about 7 qts from it, replaced the filter and refilled it with Mobile 1 Syn ATF based upon this site's recommendations. The refill took just under 10 qts to fill the TC and cooler . The magnets in the bottom of the pan were covered with just normal sludge and no signs of major wear.

Looking forward to driving. :)
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