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This was a sudden purchase as my 2004 VW Passat TDI manual suddenly blew its second turbo in the last 3 years. So it was time to bail on that one and look for something newer. Manual transmissions were hard to find but I found one in Minnesota and bought one there and drove it back. In some ways I miss parts of the old B5.5 chassis- but overall I'm really liking the new one.

I've been around VW/Audi for a long time and have owned quite a few. Audi 4000/90/100/A6/S4 and VW Golf TDI, 2 Passat TDIs, and a Touareg.

Only had the car for a week and a half and have already bought winter wheels for it, tinted the windows, had paint protection on the rear bumper applied and bought a VW mirror with compass, auto dimming, and homelink and installed that. (it was a pain...)

Next is buying a trunk lid spoiler to break up the "roundness" of the back of the car a bit.

Coming from the TDI cars I always keep a fuel log and will be keeping track of gas mileage on this. I averaged 36 mpg on the way home. A few days ago I drove for 10 hours to Washington and back but used ethanol free 91 octane. That tank I got 40.2 mpg and that included going up and over 2 mountain passes. For the most part I'll just run 87 around town but on long trips with passes I think I'll use 91.
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