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My 2000 B5 wagon GLX V6 just hit 90k miles,
and I need someone to check it to confirm what to replace
So that I can have a rough budget to prepare for this big maintanence

I know I have to get the TB and related parts replaced,
And I feel the control arm should be changed.
Also the coolant flush, brake fluid, tranny fluid may all need to be done.

But I'm new to passat, and don't know where to look at
so any links or photos about what to look at for wearing firstly?

Or if there's some one be kind enough to spend 30 mins to have a thorough check I would really appreciate, and I can bring the beer:)

and anytime would be OK for me:)

As TB is a important job, i dare not do it myself in case of serious failure.
So I may also need suggestion about where to go?
How's the price of Bruno's, B5Bel, 390to_da_wheels for TB?

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if you're in the NY area, i believe 390 was offering a $450 for the cmplete tb job on 1.8t's.
price varies due to engine type, because of pricing though, so yours would be a bit more, as the v6 parts are a bit more expensive as a kit, since there's more to get replaced.
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