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Just got my Vag-Com NEED HELP With the SPORT MODE TRANS

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Okay, I just got my VAG-COM from Ross-Tech, I read the thread in information forum, but it says go to the Triptronic option, there is no Triptronic option, only an Auto Tran option, and when I go in there, and I try to change the code from 00104 to 00000 it does not change

Someone HELP???
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I haven't reread the thread, but 00000 is the stock code on my '99. I don't think that is the right code for you. I changed mine from 00000 to 00010. What year is your car? Go back and look for people that have your year and what code works.

Also, there are some sequence issues. First, press the brake for a second at some point after you are connected, but before you enter the auto tran controller. I you don't, you can get an error which won't allow you to recode. Then check for any errors, you need to have them cleared. Finally, you have to turn off the key during the process. I don't remember if it is right after you click Do It! or if it is after you back out from the recode screen and the auto tran screen. (Either way, your engine is never running.
Auto Tran = Tiptronic

For code 00104, set it to 00134.
i'm assuming you're driving an >00, which is DBW, so the code to use is 00134, as OakHillVariant mentioned.
Thank you both, but I have a 2001.5
just be careful when using the tip tip mode, it won't automatically shift once you hit redline with this mod.
how would you do it for a 2000 1.8. also what is the code. i've looked everywhere but no one seems to give the right information. any help would be great. thanx
if the trans code is 00104, then you should change it to 00134.
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