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Just got 2 B5.5 Wagons to the house

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Hello Passat World!

Just recently aquired 2 passat b5.5 wagons to the house in the past month. Ive owned a mk4 Golf TDI for the past 3 years, and roommate had a mk4 Jetta Wagon 2.0 auto that had some pretty tired piston rings. Finally talked her into selling the Jetta and she picked up a 2002 Passat Wagon 1.8t auto. Great deal, PO took great care of it and was still in nice shape for the miles (130k). After my father was eyeing her car he started looking at Passats as well and found a 2003 Passat Wagon V6 4Motion with 114K miles. Little rougher shape, but still good bones for a 4wd car.

I have my mk4 VW knowledge, B5 Bentley manuals, my Rosstech Vag-com, and a bunch of tool to keep these rides on the road. Im lucky to have a few different "pull your own" junkyards around the area that have a good selection of these cars from time to time.

1.8t Passat plans: Getting some codes for SAI... so as preventative and cleaning going to clean/replace all the EGR hoses/kombivalve/vac hoses. Cleaning up a junkyard intake manifold and TB as well as new seals (some grime around injector seals). Also going to drain/new filter/refill transmission.

V6 Passat plans: Just replaced front wheel bearings and new brakes as well as a faulty wiring job on the ECT. Still having some odd issues ill be searching the forums for answers. Get a ESC icon randomly ("!" with a triangle and circle arrow) at times, and today (90degree in Michigan at the September, WTF?) while i was blasting the AC I started to get some climbing coolant temps. Chalking that up to the electric fan not working which I noticed after I got the car back home from a cool down.
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